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As a Mount Pleasant Chiropractor, our clinic was founded on two small principles, treat everyone the way we would want to be treated and we are no better than anyone else and no one else is any better than us. We service the towns of Mount Pleasant, Connellsville, Donegal, Greensburg, Latrobe, Ligonier and Uniontown and have for the past 44 years.

What I shall be speaking about is what we treat in the way of symptoms and exactly how we treat it! As a Mount Pleasant Chiropractor, Wilkins Spinal Care has 3 groups of patients we treat, in essence, 3 practices.

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Dr. Steinert's Quote Of The Week

“Keep your vitality. A life without health is like a river without water.” – Maxime Lagacé


18:38 18 May 23
I highly recommend Wilkins spinal care. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Wilkins and Dr. Steinert are very knowledgeable and clear about the treatment they provide. I found relief after the first session. They truly care about their patients!
Margaret DeSantoMargaret DeSanto
13:55 12 Apr 23
I’ve received nothing but great hospitality from the staff at Wilkins Spinal Care. I was walked through every process from start to finish and was more involved in my treatment than any doctor I’d been to previously. Within the very first visit, I started to feel better than I had in several years. Can’t say enough!
Brittney MartinBrittney Martin
22:57 06 Apr 23
Everyone in the office is super friendly and genuinely care about their patients. They don’t rush to get you out the door. I always feel extremely relieved after being seen there, pain levels have definitely improved since I first starting to go there. Definitely won’t be going anywhere else.
Daynelle SannerDaynelle Sanner
17:05 20 Mar 23
From the initial consultation to the current treatment, I am very pleased with Wilkins Spinal Care!Dr. Brian Steinert has been my Chiropractor and is very knowledgeable and thorough in his explanations, which I appreciate! I came into the office hardly able to walk and within a few short weeks, I’m back doing normal activities. Through x-rays, manipulations and home care suggestions, he has corrected issues with my tailbone, hips and spine!Thank you Dr. Steinert! I appreciate you!
Nancy SleasmanNancy Sleasman
19:34 02 Mar 23
I have never had Great results with any chiropractor until I came to Wilkins Spinal Care. I've been a patient here for 7 years. The results I've had are Amazing. Whether it be monthly adjustments, or a major incident such as falling or tripping, I feel like a new person. I highly recommend Wilkins Spinal Care/ Laurel Mountain Chiropractic!
Carl BiddleCarl Biddle
22:49 08 Feb 23
Dr. Steinert did a great job managing my care. Both doctors at Wilkins Spinal Care truly listen and really care about patient care. I highly recommend them.
Kim KuchtaKim Kuchta
01:55 16 Nov 22
Dr. Steinert is very knowledgeable and personable. My pain is getting much better with each time I go to get adjusted. He does a great job!
Jane BrysonJane Bryson
22:01 04 Nov 22
Dr. Brian is great. He made sure I understood what was causing my pain and how he was going to approach adjusting my spine. After just a few visits, I began feeling much better with less pain. Hurrah!
Joni BaloneyJoni Baloney
22:45 31 Aug 22
The doctors and staff at Wilkins Spinal care are a very friendly and compassionate team. They relieved my pain just like they assured me that they would. I highly recommend taking your pain problems to them, and get natural and fast relief through adjustments and therapy with this team.
Jon GregoryJon Gregory
18:32 26 May 22
Wilkins Spinal Care was referred to me by my Father when I moved back to PA late last year from NC.This practice has kept me moving well and pain free for the last 7 months and I couldn't be happier!Don't live with back pain, do yourself a favor and see the Doctors at Wilkins Spinal Care!
Marie NagyMarie Nagy
18:42 25 May 22
From the time you enter the waiting room, till you exit, you are their number one concern. The receptionist greets you with a smile and made the first part of the visit relaxing. The Doctors are very thorough in their questions and examination so they understand what area is your main concern. They take their time answering questions and help you understand what is happening. My husband and I both go and have found it very helpful. I recommend them highly. Give them a try. You won’t be sorry.
Debbie DullDebbie Dull
12:32 03 May 22
I went into the office with terrible pain! Three doctors are working to get me pain free! They are doing a wonderful job! The office staff is amazing and pleasant! I highly recommend this office!
Rob PattersonRob Patterson
18:44 26 Apr 22
Very professional and informative, I will definitely recommend your office to anyone looking for chiropractic services.
Ken StewartKen Stewart
14:34 08 Apr 22
I had severe sciatica pain in my right leg but since I have been to Wilkins Spinal care my pain has almost gone away. The Doctors listen to you when you go and the staff is great. I would recommend this group to everyone. Thank you
15:23 31 Jan 22
Before I went to Wilkins I had back and neck pain with headaches that were very intense and long lasting. I told them my pains and how I want to wake up in the morning without pains and now things are better! I am still going, but all the progress is amazing! My head aces are almost gone with my neck and back pain! Also for anyone who is wondering I have been going for almost 2 months now! I will write another review when I am finished!
Crystal ECrystal E
15:49 05 Jan 22
Friendly knowledgeable staff. Best chiropractor office I've ever been to.
Josh ConradJosh Conrad
02:53 30 Dec 21
The staff and doctors are incredibly nice and personable. I went in due to back pain from the gym and instead of the usual chiropractor, they were able to correct my spine so the pain would stop happening instead of recurring every year or so. Would definitely recommend as a specialist and glad I chose them!
Julie PokrifkaJulie Pokrifka
19:29 27 Dec 21
Before being treated at Wilkins Spinal Care, I was taking strong medications that were not helping my pain. I had seen multiple doctors, specialists, and other chiropractors. It wasn’t until I received treatment at Wilkins Spinal Care that I was able to get off my medications and manage my pain. Dr. Wilkins and Dr. Steinert both truly care about my health and have gone far beyond what someone would typically expect from their provider.
Melinda RobertsMelinda Roberts
00:28 07 Dec 21
Excellent staff, easily accommodated my schedule. Thoroughly diagnosed and explained entire process. Highly recommend
Lisa StewartLisa Stewart
16:27 22 Nov 21
I could barely walk from my car to Wilkins' Spinal Care after a fall in my yard. After a few appointments Dr. Wilkins and Dr. Steinert had me walking much better with a great reduction of pain. These guys are good! The girls behind the counter are also great, willing to help in every situation. Thank you all.
Sandy WiseSandy Wise
00:44 12 Oct 21
Dr Brian Very professional down to earth explains what is going on , make you feel comfortable with your treatment
Jim MurrayJim Murray
09:22 09 Sep 21
Dr Steinart, Dr Wilkins and their staff are the best!! They take a personal interest in their Clients well-being and improvement, explain everything in detail and are very considerate of my time. They should be the bench mark for all Chiropractic care. Jim M
Dakota FultonDakota Fulton
12:50 25 Aug 21
I was skeptical of chiropractors until I went here, but within a week I was seeing incredible results. The staff are super friendly and you can tell they truly care about the patients health.I recommend them to all my friends and family struggling with back pain.
John FaganJohn Fagan
11:20 05 Aug 21
The level of care here is second to none! Treatments are focused on the individual and their specific needs. True health care professionals! Won’t go anywhere else in the area. Ever.
Destiney FultonDestiney Fulton
14:20 04 Aug 21
This has been so far the best chiropractor I have ever been to. They take good care of each of their patient and are willing to listen and solve the issues you are having. They are a great place that willing to work with any patient to get them the help you need.
Paige SleasmanPaige Sleasman
15:22 21 Jul 21
Dr Wilkins and Dr Brian are the best! They go above and beyond for their patients. Always willing to stay late or come in early if need be! You won't regretComing to see them. I will be a life long patient.
Michael LareseMichael Larese
17:18 05 May 21
I've been a patient at Wilkins Spinal Care for 2 months now, and I am happy with the progress I'm making. The doctors and staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Relief hasn't happened overnight, but I was in such bad shape with sciatica pain when I first started so thinking instant relief would happen is unrealistic. That being said, I am steadily improving and gaining more of my old life back. I would recommend this facility to anyone who has been hesitant about taking control of their spinal health!
Jessica EmerickJessica Emerick
12:48 01 Feb 21
I've been going there for a long time and they have helped me greatly with neck and back issues. Everyone is so nice and friendly. They are very willing to work with your schedule and make sure you are feeling great.Highly recommend them if you have pain.
matt bartoschmatt bartosch
03:48 27 Jan 21
Amazing, fantastic and two thumbs up!I honestly cannot say enough good things about this practice. Dr Steinert is a true inspiration and a great chiropractor. After learning more about his story and background I fully trust my care to him.
Audrey YoungAudrey Young
20:50 20 Jan 21
I started going to Wilkins Spinal Care in November 2020 because I was looking for a chiropractor who specialized in spinal decompression. After meeting with Dr. Larry and Dr. Brian it was determined that my symptoms were muscular, and I did not need spinal decompression; however, I did have herniated discs that required back surgery. I had a tremendous amount of pain in my left hip, groin and leg even after surgery. The mobility in my leg was improved but the pain still lingered. Both doctors have been working with me to help ease this pain, and I’ve seen improvement with every visit. I would definitely recommend Wilkins Spinal Care for all your chiropractic and spinal care needs. They are both great doctors and are genuinely concerned about your needs.
Carmaela 26Carmaela 26
00:15 20 Jan 21
Wilkins Spinal Care is the best place. Brian is wonderful. I have had nagging chronic pain for years and just sort of got used to it.Since coming here my pain has nearly disappeared and I feel more energetic because of it.I even recently twinged my shoulder because of putting it in an awkward position but instead of it hurting for days after like I would have expected, the pain diminished within the half hour and the next day was gone. I really think it's because everything is where it should be and is stabilized.Several people I work with also visit Wilkins Spinal Care and go regularly just to keep everything aligned.I highly recommend this place!
Beverley DanusisBeverley Danusis
15:06 28 Oct 20
Wilkins Spinal Care gives the finest chiropractic care, I have received. I have had a chronic neck issue for over 20 years, that no chiropractor could remedy: however, only two visit to Dr. Larry Wilkins, and I was good as new. He is highly intelligent, and compassionate. I am grateful to him every day for no pain. Plus another gift in the office is Dr. Bryan, an excellent chiorpractor, who trained under Dr. Larry. Sometimes they work as a team on an issue. Wow! What a talented pair! Much appreciation to the entire team.
Jerry MartiniJerry Martini
00:41 06 Mar 20
Very happy, walked in to weeks ago with neck and shoulder pain, today almost gone! Great staff! Oh yeah good music to!!
Vickie FriendVickie Friend
17:57 30 Dec 19
My husband has been going to see Dr. Wilkins for at least 5 years now for his chronic back pain. My husband tried many different chiropractic and other methods but no one else has helped him like Dr. Wilkins has. The staff treats you like family! I have recently became a patient and agree that it is worth the 70 mile drive. Dr. Wilkins and Dr. Steinert (or Larry and Brian they tell you to call them) are both knowledgeable and caring. They explain each step as they go. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with any pain!!
Melanie CallasMelanie Callas
18:33 23 Dec 19
Dr. Wilkins has helped my back with his knowledge about the spine, adjustments, and the Hakomed machine he has. I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing pain daily with their back, or even neuropathy. He has helped so many patients! Thank you Dr. Wilkens for all you do!
Gerald BasingerGerald Basinger
22:13 17 Dec 19
I have been a patient at Wilkins Spinal Care for a few months. when i came to be evaluated i was in a lot of pain. I walked with a walker and a cane for about a month and was on pain medication before coming to see Dr Wilkins. After the second week of Adjustments and Decompression Therapy i felt so much Better . After the third week i have never taken another pain pill. Thanks to everyone who works there!!
Marsha SedunovMarsha Sedunov
19:04 02 Dec 19
When my husband &I came to Dr. WILIKIN'S IFFICE,WE HAD been having problems off and on for years..Tried PT, EXCERSISES, some times pain came&went, however, never truely comfortable doing chores, in and out of car.DOCTORS MENTIONED..getting older..better yet..after going to DR. WILIKINS, right side,low back starting to improve.You must follow thru..with treatment.. walking and with encouragement for the new year, new US, new EXCERSISE program, looking forward for total, better HEALTH .I don't mind getting older, just want to also be healthy.
Peggie KingPeggie King
12:39 27 Oct 19
I have been seeing Dr. Wilkins for low back pain. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I suffered for years. He has been adjusting my back and giving me decompression. I was so worried about going to a chiropractor, fearing I would have to have surgery. That was not the case. Please give him a try before considering surgery. He can help.
dave kingdave king
14:12 25 Oct 19
The staff and Doctors are great. Check with them before getting surgery and don’t live with spinal pain.
Alyssa SauterAlyssa Sauter
20:05 22 Oct 19
Very helpful staff and personalized attention. They took my pain seriously and communicated a clear plan to help. Strongly recommend!
Janice JulianaJanice Juliana
23:50 17 Oct 19
Dr. Stinert has done a great job providing relief for my disc herniations and hip pain. I also receive spinal decompression in the office. He explains all procedures well. Danielle is very accommodating with appointments, Maria is always helpful with any billing issues, and Crystal is very knowledgeable about the spinal decompression and explains everything. I highly recommend this office for all chiropractic needs.
Karen SokolKaren Sokol
00:26 15 Jan 19
My mom has had excellent care at Wilkins Spinal Care. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, kind and friendly. They do a thorough review and evaluation of your medical condition before treating you, and my moms overall health has greatly improved since she began her treatment. Kudos to Dr. Wilkins and staff, and many more thanks to Dr. Stay for his going above and beyond to help my mom feel better.
Sonya ZahrobskySonya Zahrobsky
03:39 14 Dec 18
Dr Wilkins and his staff are wonderful!!
Marlene GeddesMarlene Geddes
01:18 20 Sep 18
I had gone to 9 or 10 chiropractors over a period of 18 years with NO help for my chronic neck pain from injuries & accidents. Dr Wilkens gave me specialized adjustments that reduced 80 percent of my pain. He's the best chiropractor I've ever been to. Now I've moved to Arizona and one chiropractor here misaligned my neck so my pain is back. I need a chiropractor like Dr. Larry Wilkens here!!!
James CaliJames Cali
13:13 03 Jul 18
Excellant care and staff. The best!
Gary WeinsteinGary Weinstein
17:36 19 Feb 15
I have been seeing Dr. Wilkins for many years. He has always addressed the cause of my problems and the results have been tremendous. His staff is wonderful! They are caring and make you feel as if you are family. I have seen many Chiropractors over the years and must say my experience at Laurel Mountain Chiropractic exceeded all expectations! I highly recommend Dr. Wilkins and his staff!